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  Arts News: Lennie Berkowitz (1929-2019) -
Arts News: Lennie Berkowitz (1929-2019)  kcstudio.orgLennie Berkowitz was a style maven and a trendsetter, one of the first in Kansas City to embrace contemporary architecture, furniture and design.
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 1:03 pm
  Things to Do, April 26-May 3, 2019 - Cornell
Things to Do, April 26-May 3, 2019  Cornell ChronicleEvents include the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows lecture; the play “Spill” on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; Cornell Chorus and Glee Club performing “A ...
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 12:47 pm
  Al Naqbi faces off against Duggal at
Al Naqbi faces off against Duggal at Knockout Night  Khaleej TimesThe road has just begun for Majid Al Naqbi and the Emirati is hungry and eager to take another step in his professional boxing journey when he gets into the ring ...
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 10:28 am
  Why Shoprite wants to pay Christo Wiese R3.3
Why Shoprite wants to pay Christo Wiese R3.3 billion  702Simon Brown on why is Shoprite wants shareholders to approve paying R3.3bn to Christo Wiese for his high-voting shares.
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 10:08 am
  Edited Transcript of EUPIC.AT earnings
Edited Transcript of EUPIC.AT earnings conference call or presentation 24-Apr-19 2:00pm GMT  Yahoo FinanceFull Year 2018 European Reliance General Insurance Co SA Earnings Call.
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 9:36 am
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  On Balkans visit, pope to touch sensitive
On Balkans visit, pope to touch sensitive issues of ecumenism, migration  CatholicPhilly.comMigrants and refugees, who say that they seek to travel onward to northern Europe, walk away from a camp near the town of Diavata, Greece, April 5, 2019.
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 9:02 am
  Pope to touch on ecumenism, migration during
Pope to touch on ecumenism, migration during Balkans visit  La Croix InternationalPope Francis greets people during the General audience, St. Peter square, Vatican City, April 24. (Photo by A. Pierpaolo Scavuzzo/PHOTOSHOT/MAXPPP).
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 3:14 am
  'Pity' wins big at Greece's Iris Awards -
'Pity' wins big at Greece's Iris Awards  Screen InternationalThe Greek-Polish co-production Pity, an existential drama by Babis Makridis, was crowned best film at the Iris Hellenic Film Academy (HELFIAC) awards on ...
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 2:03 am
  Drug gang feud: 2 biker youths rammed,
Drug gang feud: 2 biker youths rammed, hacked to death  OnmanoramaA gang has killed two members of another for ratting them out on drug deals. Attackers rammed a van on to the bike of the two youngsters and hacked them to ...
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 12:22 am
  $13.6B record-breaking solar park rises from
$13.6B record-breaking solar park rises from Dubai desert  CNNUnder the Arabian sun, a monumental construction effort is making headway. Located deep within Dubai's desert interior, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al ...
Posted on 24 April 2019 | 11:47 pm
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  Tri-County Animal Rescue Announces $2
Tri-County Animal Rescue Announces $2 Million Gift for New Hospital at Annual Doggie & Kittie Ball  The Boca Raton TribuneTri-County Animal Rescue held its 17th Annual Doggie & Kittie Ball to benefit canines and felines on April 14 at Boca West Country Club. The highlight of the ...
Posted on 24 April 2019 | 10:04 pm
  WATCH: Florida Jailer Arrested for Kicking
WATCH: Florida Jailer Arrested for Kicking Inmate who Fed Trash Cookie to a Bird  Indian Country Today Media NetworkA Florida jailer has been arrested and fired for kicking an inmate who fed a bird.
Posted on 24 April 2019 | 9:17 pm
  Christo Wiese: I won’t accept a lower
Christo Wiese: I won’t accept a lower price for Shoprite control  CNBCAfrica.comShareholders in Shoprite such as Coronation said they will vote against a proposed deal that would see Shoprite's Chairman Dr Christo Wiese given more ...
Posted on 24 April 2019 | 8:37 am
  Christo Wiese's Massive Shoprite Payday
Christo Wiese's Massive Shoprite Payday Could Be Shot Down  2oceansvibe NewsEarlier this year, Shoprite announced it intended to make Wiese a sizeable offer for his shares in the franchise. Some fund managers think it's a bad idea.
Posted on 24 April 2019 | 12:06 am
  Deputy fired after kicking inmate who fed
Deputy fired after kicking inmate who fed cookie to bird  ABC NewsA Florida sheriff's deputy has been fired and charged with battery after surveillance video captured him kicking an inmate who had just tossed a cookie to a bird.
Posted on 23 April 2019 | 3:55 pm
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  BUSINESS MAVERICK: Shoprite's R3.3bn payout
BUSINESS MAVERICK: Shoprite's R3.3bn payout proposal to Christo Wiese could easily be voted down  Daily MaverickWhen a company puts out an announcement involving R3.3bn on a Thursday afternoon before a long weekend, you have to wonder. And that is what the ...
Posted on 23 April 2019 | 3:25 pm
  J.I.D. & Christo Are Putting In Serious
J.I.D. & Christo Are Putting In Serious Work In The Studio  HotNewHipHopJ.I.D. & Christo are on the verge of something big. Shortly after holding it down as a Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 MVP, J.I.D. has been busy taking his show on...
Posted on 23 April 2019 | 10:37 am
  Final take: Quarterback position on solid
Final take: Quarterback position on solid ground  Rivals.comWe give our final take on spring practice as we look back on each position group. We kick things off today with a look at Nebraska's quarterback position.
Posted on 23 April 2019 | 4:02 am
  Christos Anesti, Χριστός Ανέστη
Christos Anesti, Χριστός Ανέστη  Albany Times UnionThe paragraph below is from author Madeleine L'Engle, now of blessed memory. It reminds me that we conclude our Lenten journey and rise with Christ literally ...
Posted on 21 April 2019 | 6:36 am
  Christos Anesti: Easter | Scot McKnight -
Christos Anesti: Easter | Scot McKnight  PatheosThe Collect: O God, who for our redemption gave your only-begotten Son to the death of the cross, and by his glorious resurrection delivered us from the power ...
Posted on 21 April 2019 | 3:12 am
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  christo_210: Who’s tryna ruin my
christo_210: Who’s tryna ruin my life?🙈❤️
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 4:43 pm
  Torras_i_Bages: "Et omnes, qui volunt
Torras_i_Bages: "Et omnes, qui volunt pie vivere in Christo Iesu, persecuti*~em patientur" (II Tm 3, 12)
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 4:43 pm
  MaruLuarca: RT @streetartmagic: phenomenal
MaruLuarca: RT @streetartmagic: phenomenal lips drawing by Christo Dagorof
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 4:43 pm
  christo_tweets: RT @robbie_couch: this
christo_tweets: RT @robbie_couch: this remains the most ic&@&ic 1:35 in cinematic history
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 4:43 pm
  _IsraelR_: RT @streetartmagic: phenomenal
_IsraelR_: RT @streetartmagic: phenomenal lips drawing by Christo Dagorof
Posted on 25 April 2019 | 4:43 pm
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  Resolved Question: Where is Sabine Christo?
Sabine Christo is my sister
Posted on 1 June 2013 | 10:04 am
  Resolved Question: Am I a christo-pagan?
I feel more like myself now that I've found God/Jesus, but I also feel a strong connection to the supernatural and I like the use of using natural elements to calm and just listen to warnings and advise and my dreams and stuff. I like both christianity but I like wicca [it's the only form of paganism i've known so far]... and is it normal to be christian but choose not to discuss the wicca/pagan with anyone who is not like minded?
Posted on 29 October 2012 | 6:19 am
  Resolved Question: How the greek word -
how if Greeks have not the concept of Messiah? maybe Jews will answer me: This is because Christianity is all a pagan story - Well, Greeks of that time weren't pagans - They weren't that spectacle of wordliness that were Babylon and Canaan and Rome... - they were very concerned by God - an invisible one - but they suffered that "invisibility". I want hear all opinions but just write them putting details - this is not a space for taunt the name of Jesus of Nazareth Fireball: I didn't say Christianity is pagan, I said I hope Jews said that and I said I was searching for deeper answers of the list of coincidences that they use to present - That is Khaganate: Sorry - when I said that about Jews I didn't referr to you, nor I think that it is a general thing of Judaism - Protestant critics towards Catholicism is how I have discovered that pattern of critics - me being a master of that -Catholic's thoughts about Jews are so superfitial...! too I just said: Hebrews expected a Moshiah - not Greeks - so how had Greeks a word for traslate the hebrew term? If both "just mean" the annointed one" so I shoud study why is so important to be annointed - why is so important the oil? But that I will ask in another space Abdijah: Yours is a superfitial critic towards Catholicism - few lines and charged of hard critics. Paganism is not in Christianity because Paganism is wordliness and Christianity commands a wordly conduit that is dreadful for most people - but not because it is a powerful idole - but because God is who bounds in that pathetic way. Jehova's Witnessism says that Jesus is not God and that is maybe because so you have a space of "liberty" for try someday to build a new Babel - we Catholic cannot corrupt in that because we know that our God is always in the deepest - suffering the pass for the Hell. You would like that I said that Jehova's Witenesses are neo-worshipers of the pagan figure of the brave hero? (what was pagan of the Greek culture, not as their philosophy). Don't say empty discourses but put yourself in the situation that you say you believe in and you will see that it has no so much sense for condamn Catholics as Pagans--- Christ did that. He entered in Christ did that. He entered in the play for teach us. I hope not have offended you, but teach you something I answered your answer because I said I wouldn't permet such superfitial saiths - let's dialogue traiting each other as serious people - not pagans Khaganate: Mine is a melange of questions. I thanks you for have made the effort for understand me. Your new answers helps me more. Yeah - how Greks received a word which is synonim of Mosshiah?If they had not the concept? And when they had that was a according to you a perveted (not fair) concept. So the Israelite was not the same concept of the Greeks - I use to be teached about the diversion (latin di-vertio escindition, one line goes to one place and the other to another place) by Jews and to talk say Jews: Let's us to dialogue day and night about: How the Second Person of the Trinity - the Son here - descended in a time when... how had the Providence and the genius of Mankind made an global order for the fondation of Christianity? This question is asking to you to addopt a Christian rationality - but for that I should first make you undersand why be Christian... I hope you undersand what I mean ;) Abdijah: I know there are many passages that teach that the truth and the lies will be evident - but there are other - I am sure - that say that there will be false profeths - with the figure of sheeps. In this case - what heard? the passages that say we had have clear evidences? or the passage that say we must be aware? what do? - Let's dialogue putting our heart on the table - because we could do terrible things using the Biblical literacy with a heart that is maybe perverted - Sorry, in my last saith to you: I said that Jehova's... could be compared with neo-woshipers of the Hero because you see in Jesus not God but a person similair to Michael - That is like a figure of a hero - so you could be taking the way of those Pagan greeks that wrote the Illiade and all those pagan books - we Catholics have a concept of a Christ who showed us that the way is hard - there is not space for us to be heros here in the earth - I could say that - being superfitial- Who bound us catholi I could say that I SAID ABOUT JEHOVA'S... - being superfitial- (sorry by the capitals - but I wanted to say that I refered that and not what follows): Who bound us catholic to be idolaters of the same God (the Father of course-the Son-the Holy Spirit) is God himself who put an idole in his soreful body - The idoles that take outside Hebrews were not like Him - so one should be respectful - not call us idolaters. Let's us not to be idolaters and go to the basis of the phenomenon - let's go to the peace of the essences Melkha: Thanks! =) Now I undersand better what is the value of the anointed"ness". About you said after: I didn't mean Greek philosopers hadn't God. They had a sole God- point to us the theists the fact of the Philosopers have been worshipers of God - but they didn't worship those scandalous Deities of the Ancient Greek pantheon - they spoke about Zeus but this siglus's scholars (Fernando Rodríguez Adrados - the Athenian Democracy) say that they said: "Sinners created sinner gods, the gods are not like the Illiade was" (paraphrasis) - Jenophanes what you refered then was the Antiochian souverains - I don't know about that so much - I should study- I never understandt why was so hard for Jews just a statue of a Pagan god in their Temple - I should learn of your wisdom - I just proposed to speak so consequently like you did - I didn't mean you Jews are not Sages - I am just saying:Put a staircase to us - not just critics. You have a great spir You have a great spirit ;) Plato somewhere said something like: "We will never have the Truth is God Himself doesn't come Here to speak us" that is why I said Greeks (of that era) didn't like the invisibility of their God Mathew: Don't you see that you put just some little lines of information for my question? You explained me what the value of the oil is and that is so welcome. But you then repeat Judaism has no relation to those strange Greek thing, and you call us palm readers just because there is ONE passages of the NT that says something about that (I haven't read that passage), don't you see that you have into you most part of the arguments? Because this is not something for convince me: Repetition of the Jewish cathegoricism (that is our way and that is not like the most published thing) + Tell us palm readers just by a passage--- you give me the image of habit in an Ivory Tower - you have wisdom but nothing of that is visible for me, you are despective with me talking about ONE passage and you are so circumscribed in your position.
Posted on 24 August 2012 | 2:18 am
  Resolved Question: Is Gnostic Christianity a
Posted on 20 June 2012 | 1:46 am
  Resolved Question: What is the translation
Long story short.. I am mostly Greek and my middle name is to and I want a tattoo of my middle name but in Greek to show my Greek heritage. Can someone translate Christo into Greek? Thank you
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