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Posted on 1 April 2018 | 6:08 pm
  Girls Basketball: All-Northwest Jersey
NJ.comGirls Basketball: All-Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference teams for 2017-18NJ.comDevin Gibbs, Boonton, Jr. Gwyneth Gaynor, Whippany Park, Sr. Honorable Mention Mimi Rubino, Morris Catholic, So. Maya Tharby, Kinnelon, So. Jayne Muoio, St. Elizabeth, Sr. Morgan Bencsko, Pequannock, Sr. Kaysey Scott, Butler, So. Jenna Holleran ...and more »
Posted on 26 March 2018 | 3:53 am
  SHS staging 'Bye Bye Birdie' - South Platte
SHS staging 'Bye Bye Birdie'South Platte SentinelPlus, the poodle skirts just make you smile,” said director Annette Lambrecht about why she chose “Bye Bye Birdie” for this year's production. The musical tells the story of rock star Conrad Birdie (Ivan Velez), whose fans are devastated when he is ...and more »
Posted on 20 March 2018 | 9:51 am
  Sterling High School staging 'Bye Bye
Sterling High School staging 'Bye Bye Birdie'Journal AdvocatePlus, the poodle skirts just make you smile," said director Annette Lambrecht about why she chose "Bye Bye Birdie" for this year's production. The musical tells the story of rock star Conrad Birdie (Ivan Velez), whose fans are devastated when he is ...and more »
Posted on 16 March 2018 | 9:21 pm
  Ilrbeck, Nortey lead S-burg to tennis
Ilrbeck, Nortey lead S-burg to tennis victoryPocono RecordDoubles. Irlbeck/Nortey (S) def. Falteich/Smedley 6-3, 7-5. Tim Geiger/Stevenson Lamar (S) def. Sean Van Ormer/Jacob Kanuck 6-2, 6-4. Stephen Bauer/Elias Leon (S) def. Connor Aitken/Gabe Velez 6-4, 6-4. Dan Varghese/Drew Fiedler (S) def. Stephen Botek ...
Posted on 15 March 2018 | 8:32 pm
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Devin Velez
  Nicki Minaj criticizes ousted ‘American
Nicki Minaj is firing back at sore loser Devin Velez. The “American Idol” judge didn’t take Velez’s comments too well after he was eliminated from the show for a poor performance. The 18-year-old, who sang “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey ...
Posted on 1 April 2013 | 7:40 am
  Nicki Minaj Slams Ousted American Idol
Just when we thought that Nicki Minaj couldn’t sink any lower on American Idol, she did! Devin Velez recently revealed that the Super Bass singer snubbed him during his elimination, and now, Nicki Minaj has taken it even further – by slamming him on ...
Posted on 31 March 2013 | 10:53 pm
  Devin Velez Talks Life After American Idol
Devin Velez was the latest contestant voted off this season of American Idol. The 17-year-old singer hopped on a call with press afterwards to talk about life after AI, going back to high school and more. Check it: On going back to Starbucks: “I want to ...
Posted on 31 March 2013 | 10:00 am
  Devin Velez: 'We all know Nicki wants a girl
AMERICAN IDOL: Devin Velez (L) is eliminated on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured: Ryan Seacrest (R). (Photo: Michael Becker/FOX) It's a girl's year on American Idol-- and the guys know it. "We all know that ...
Posted on 29 March 2013 | 3:50 am
  'American Idol' interview: Devin Velez talks
Devin Velez: I’m still smiling. I think it’s been a great journey. You know, I haven’t cried yet… It can only get better from here and I still get to do the tour.. And now, I’m hoping to go back home and win prom king The judges seemed to be ...
Posted on 28 March 2013 | 6:05 pm
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Devin Velez
  Lafaith: Devin Velez covers Smokey
Lafaith: Devin Velez covers Smokey Robins&@^~'s "The Tracks of My Tears" | &@^~ Air w... via @YouTube
Posted on 8 March 2018 | 11:25 pm
  Lanagee: Currently listening to music on
Lanagee: Currently listening to music @#! @pandoramusic Devin Velez Radio @DevinAI12 #snowday2018 #NorEaster2018
Posted on 8 March 2018 | 11:25 pm
  AveSkincare: RT @Lafaith: Devin Velez covers
AveSkincare: RT @Lafaith: Devin Velez covers Smokey Robins!!~#'s "The Tracks of My Tears" | !!~# Air w... via @YouTube
Posted on 8 March 2018 | 11:25 pm
  IdolFlashback: Style - Taylor Swift cover by
IdolFlashback: Style - Taylor Swift cover by Devin Velez #ForgottenIdols
Posted on 8 March 2018 | 11:25 pm
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Devin Velez
  Resolved Question: The Tracks of My Tears
Does anyone know where I can download the karaoke version of The Tracks of My Tears by Devin Velez (the contestant eliminated 3rd on this year's American Idol)? I know he isn't the original artist of the song, but I like the cover he did on Idol. It was modern and fresh, yet classic. I really want to sing this song for a talent show, but I can't his karaoke version anywhere. Please help?!
Posted on 1 May 2013 | 3:35 pm
  Resolved Question: American Idol Top 8: Who
Tonight was a very interesting night. Here's my review of a night with outstanding ups and one very disappointing down. 1. Amber Holcomb Hands down, Amber had the best performance tonight. It was beautiful, it was the right song, it was powerful, it was on pitch, and she just had great stage presence. Amber did better than everyone, even Candice and Angie, and she just established herself as a front runner. After blowing everyone else out of the water, she better not be in the bottom three again. 2. Candice Glover Tonignt, Candice sang a song that has been sung on American Idol numerous times. However, hers is arguably the best version we've heard on the show. I'm honestly not sure what's left to say about her. As with her past performances she was powerful, she was comfortable on stage, she showed us something new, and she showed off her incredible vocal range. 3. Janelle Arthur After being outshined in her group performance, Janelle did absolutely amazing with her solo song. Her pitch was much better, it was soft, it was original, and it was just so beautiful to listen to. Hands down her best performance yet. Janelle was behind the rest of the girls. Tonight, she evened the playing field. Finally, a WGWG I can root for (White Girl With Guitar). 4. Kree Harrison I'm not sure if Kree has had a bad performance yet, cause she once again did a great job. She took a bit of a risk with her song choice, but she made it work in a very big way. She once again had a very good performance, stayed on pitch, she put her own spin on the song, and she once again showed off her amazing vocals. I love how she makes each of her performances unique. 5. Lazaro Arbos I think Lazaro's performance tonight can be summed up with one word: Redemption. After having the worst performance of the night last week, Lazaro chose a better song this week, and had a much better performance than last week. There were some pitch problems, but overall he did a great job. 6. Burnell Taylor Once again, Burnell does the best out of the guys. His pitch was great, his stage presence was great, he chose a great song that was also in his comfort zone, and he once again showed of his soft vocals. I do have onecritiquee though. When he said words like "Amor" and "adore", it sounded more like he said "Amorm" and "adorm". Because of that, I had to rank him a little lower. 7. Devin Velez Devin has been on a downhill trend as of late, choosing boring, sage songs. This week, he chose a better song. It allowed him to showcase his falsetto, which was good, but it still felt slightly on the average and boring side to me. I don't think of He hasn't really done anything that has that "wow" factor, and everyone else outshined him. Everyone, except one. 8. Angela Miller Angie, Angie, what the heck happened? Jimmy is taking the Angie we know and love and turning her into something that is just not her. Angie has so much talent and is amazing, but her pitch wasn't on key, it wasn't the right song choice, and she did the best she could with it but I think she just had her first performance that was actually, well, not very good. I really hope she's here next week, cause she can do so much better than that. And now for the group performances. 1. Amber, Candice, and Angela This was by far the best group performance of the night. These three lovely ladies have the three strongest voices in the competition right now, and the song they sang worked very well. Unlike Kree and Janelle's group song, they all shined together without any one of them outshining the other, and they all stayed on pitch. 2. Janelle and Kree The judges were right. Kree outshined Janelle tonight. They sounded great together, but Janelle seems to be pitchy moreso than on pitch, whereas Kree stays on pitch almost always and sounds beautiful. Kree continued moving forward, but after doing great last week Janelle took one step forward and two steps back. 3. Devin, Lazaro, and Burnell This was just an okay performance to me. It wasn't spectacular, Lazaro forgot the words, all three of them had pitch problems, and they just didn't mesh very well together. Nicki hit the nail on the head when she said it felt like it was a horrible group performance from Hollywood week. So overall, when considering both solo and group performances, this is how I rank the contestants tonight. 1. Amber 2. Candice 3. Kree 4. Janelle 5. Burnell 6. Angie 7. Lazaro 8. Devin Overall, I am praying for Angie to get a second chance. Hopefully, Devin will end up going home instead, cause Angie may have had the worst solo performance, but she was in the best group performance, whereas Devin had mediocre solo and group performances. There's my review for tonight. Do you agree or disagree? Who do you hope goes home this week?
Posted on 27 March 2013 | 12:18 pm
  Resolved Question: American Idol Top 9: Who
First of all, I have no idea how Aubrey Cleland got more votes than Charlie Askew. After he sang his original song last week, I actually started thinking he should've been in the top ten instead of Paul Jolley. Instead, he doesn't even make the tour. I honestly think America made a mistake with choosing Aubrey over Charlie. With that out of the way, here's my review of tonight's performances. 1. Angela Miller It just goes to show you America; you don't have to belt out all the time to sing beautifully. Angie's performance was so simple yet it was so beautiful at the same time. Her stage presence, her vocals, her pitch...everything bout her performance was just so beautiful and so tender. She pulled herself back and showed such amazing control, it was pretty dang close to perfect. 2. Candice Glover Just like last week, Candice walked out onto that stage and killed it. Her stage presence was absolutely amazing, her vocal ability is insane, and she took a risk that paid off big time. Hands down, she has the strongest, most powerful voice in the competition right now, and she has brought down not just the house, but the sky every time she's hit that stage so far. 3. Kree Harrison Last week, Kree was in the top 3. This week, she may very well be again. While I do think she was slightly pitchy in the first couple of seconds, she immediately got back on course and sang her heart out. She made the song her own, she showed great stage presence, and she really did shine tonight. This was even better than last week, and she definitely has the potential to win. 4. Burnell Taylor I don't care if he never heard the song before, Burnell sang the heck of itl tonight! The pitch and the control he had in his voice was great, and it was as beautiful as his performance last week, and he just sounded amazing. For someone that didn't know THIS song before, he did an amazing job. Right now, he is the only guy in the competition that's been consistent. 5. Amber Holcomb Honestly, I think did a really good job tonight. She stayed on pitch, she had good stage presence, and her vocals were stunning. However, this wasn't as good as her performance last week, and the I think it was a good song choice but not a great one. There were several places that felt a little on the boring side to me, but she still did a great job with it, and it was very beautiful. 6. Janelle Arthur I think Janelle did a lot better than she did last week. Tonight, she sounded really beautiful. She stayed on pitch, she showed that she does have good vocal ability, and she has redeemed herself. However, she still didn't have the best performance nor did she do better than the other girls, but she still did better than most of the guys.  Finally, Janelle showed us why she made it to the top ten. 7. Devin Velez Devin did so much better than last week. He showed better range and vocal ability, better stage presence, and he should definitely not be in the bottom two this week. It was a great performance, but ai still don't think it was the best. Every girl excelt Janelle outdid him tonight, and he also wasn't the best out of the guys. He's on the right track, but I still don't see him winning. 8. Paul Jolley Tonight, Paul did not choose the right song. David Cook set the bar really high on that song when he performed it, and Paul definitely did not meet those expectations. I think it was pitchy in places, the falsetto wasn't that great, and it was just average in my opinion. It was good, but it didn't have me jumping out of my seat. I think he took a step back from last week, and it could cost him. 9. Lazaro Arbos I'm sorry. I know Lazaro has a large fan base, but he's just been going downhill as of late. It was very boring, it was a bad song choice, he sang it too low, it was pitchy, and...I want to be as creative with this as possible...he just sucked. I actually think he did worse than he did last week. If he didn't have such a large fan base I'd say he would be going home, not a second thought. So there's my review for this week. Honestly, I think Lazaro should go home. I feel bad for him, but I think he's peaked. However, I doubt that he will go home because of his fan base, but he might end up in the bottom three. After last week's slightly shocking elimination of Curtis Finch Jr., who do you think will most likely go home this week? Who do you think did the best tonight?
Posted on 20 March 2013 | 12:08 pm
  Resolved Question: What is Devin Velez from
Posted on 20 March 2013 | 9:08 am
  Resolved Question: What are the birthdays of
I am referring to the ones that are on this season. Thank you.
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